Documentary - Shadow Company (2006)

The Rules of War have changed.
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IMDB Rating: 7.8 of 596 votes  |  Runtime: 86 min | 
Actors: Alan Bell, Phil Lancaster, Madelaine Drohan, Robert Young Pelton, Peter Singer, Doug Brooks, Stephen J. Cannell, Cobus Claassens, Slavko Ilic, Neall Ellis, Frances Stonor Saunders, John F. Mullins, Eike Kluge, Tasha Bradsell, James Ashcroft
Company: Purpose Films |  Country: Canada |  Language: English
Director: Nick Bicanic, Jason Bourque |  Release: March 2006 (USA) |  Official: Official site
Genre: Documentary
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Thousands of private soldiers operate in Iraq alone... and many more around the world. These individuals, known as private security contractors, are changing the face of modern warfare everyday while their world has remained mystery to those at home. Shadow Company is the groundbreaking investigative feature-length documentary that seeks out and reveals the origins and destinations of these modern-day mercenaries. Who are these security contractors c What do they do c Why do they do it c THE RULES OF WAR HAVE CHANGED. Purpose Films proudly brings you an immersive and visionary look at the private individuals who have changed them in a way that defies typical documentary style.